Best working position for our bodies...

The New York Times article  The Pandemic of Work-From-Home Injuries discusses the injuries and pain caused by poor ergonomic situations many of us find ourselves in while working from home. 

How best to set our work positions for comfort and long term health? 

"Nikki Weiner, an ergonomics consultant, calls the neutral posture, or “ears over shoulders over hips”: hips slightly higher than the knees, arms relaxed at your side, neck relaxed and straight, forearms parallel to the ground, feet resting on the floor."

Luckily, Blossom Workspace can easily facilitate good ergonomic posture with adjustable surfaces for your work tools. Dan Katz, Osteopathic Physician and Family Doctor endorsed Blossom, "...The Blossom's design, with its multiple options for working positions, is an excellent solution for people with low back and neck pain...."  See his full comments on our home page



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