What inspired Blossom Workspace?

Blossom was inspired by the needs of many who were working and learning from home this year.  We gathered a team from across the company, and a couple design-oriented friends, to think about people's needs at home.
In our first session, in early June, we defined our meeting intentions.
Then we listed and organized people's needs during the pandemic and planned to survey people across the US.
Need finding for a WFH solution.
A week later we regrouped to discuss our interview finding and begin to image design options. This WFH solution needed to support sound ergonomics, have a small footprint, be aesthetically pleasing, even a little whimsical. 
We considered secretary roll-top, wall mounted mini-desk , small table, standing desk, fold-away, and computer desk designs. Once we let go of  the need for a nearby wall, this item that fits between the ceiling and the floor with movable work surfaces started to take shape.
Then we started sketching to convey our ideas to one another.
From above, it looked like a flower.
And so it became....Blossom Workspace 


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