Whose necessity?

Our friends, family, neighbors, and our co-workers.

So many people working and learning from home.

Given the slowing in commercial work in early 2020, we had the capacity in our plant to make something else. So, we gathered for a conversation.

That's us in the photo.  A team including design, sales, and marketing folks at Windfall Architectural Products were joined by some previous workmates and friends in our brainstorming and development efforts for this yet-to-come idea. Masks on, sitting 6’ apart outside, we started talking.

First we listed the imaged issues. Then we interviewed a dozen people around the US, who were new to working and schooling from home, to hear about their situations.

People were working on drying racks, card tables and ironing boards. In basements, bedrooms, doorways and garages.

They asked for something magical to:

  1. Fit elegantly anywhere.
  2. Fit in small spaces.
  3. Allow for sitting and standing.
  4. Pack up or be out-of-the-way during non-work time.
  5. Become something else after they/we go back to the office. 
  6. Travel easily.

    During our second brainstorming session the need-finding moved to design.  By the meeting's end we had drawings, which from the top-down view looked like a flower. Blossom Workspace was born.

    Windfall is located just outside of Olympia, WA. Since 1997 we have been designing and manufacturing architectural wall finishes and furniture for commercial and residential customers around the US. 

    Blossom is made in Washington State. USA. 


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